Website management service.

A new way to manage your website content. You don’t need to understand websites to have one. Save money on hiring additional staff. Let us manage your website for a fixed and fair price.

Assistant+ is a subscription service for Website+ customers who seek assistance with managing and editing website content. We will add the content you supply us, use the right builder modules like image sliders, blurbs, pricing tables and accordions depending on the type of content, and design it to match the style of your website.

Most of small to medium size businesses don’t need a full-time employee to manage their website. Instead of hiring and training a new employee, use our skilled professionals to assist you when changes to the website need to be done from time to time.

Be cost effective

Save thousands on salaries and training programs, use our trained assistant instead of training your own full-time employee or overloading your existing staff with unrelated tasks. Keep the focus on what is important for your business.


Be more efficient

Our skilled support team is trained to work with web content, cut, crop and optimize images, style texts. Editing content from dawn to dusk makes us extremely efficient in this competitive and everchanging industry. Every time a new feature or trend comes to light, we know about it.

Worry less, get more work done.

Become more efficient with our groundbreaking service Assistant+.


Business trip

While you conduct your business and meet with customers, your website might be kept up to date. Whether you work from remote areas, outside internet coverage, or just don’t have time to deal with the website while you are busy traveling, Assistent+ is your solution.


Enjoy your vacation without worries, what will happen to your website while you are gone. Send us your instructions and we can arrange content changes, even schedule sale in your online store.

Get busy focusing on your primary goals

Your business is important and demanding task with a lot of responsibilities, make sure you and your employees stay focused on what you do best. Let us keep up with the new trends, enjoy full service. You can run your business and still manage your website without even remembering your password.

Tips and tricks

New features, technologies, trends are coming almost every day. Our job is to keep up, keep you informed. We will notify you based on your website profile if something interesting comes up that would be suitable to boost your business or make your life easier.

What we can do for you


Content editing and online store management

Editing your content and styling by remote hands, just give us your instructions, we will add the content you supply us with matching the style of your website.

Image editing

Cutting, cropping, converting and optimizing images for best speed and performance.

Mobile friendly check

Every time we make changes to your web content, we will make sure it shows good on all types of devices.


Whether you are on business trip, vacation or on sick leave, we can arrange to change your content in certain time, edit or change a price of your product.

SEO optimization with tips and tricks

With Assistant+ we can give you specific advice on optimizing your website for search engines like Google. When our support team makes changes to your content, it is done with SEO best practices in mind.


Grammar check

After editing or adding the content, we will check all texts with Grammarly to make sure there are no typos or misspellings, extremely repetitive words. Spelling mistakes may hurt your SEO and discourage some customers.

Monitoring your services for peace of mind

Google Search Console

Our administrator will monitor your website using Search Console ( formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools ) to keep track of security issues and make sure traffic is flowing, notifying you of any suspicious outcome or directly taking action.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Although Google has 90% market share in the search market, Bing webmaster tools combine Bing and Yahoo monitoring, that makes for 5% of worldwide and little more in the US itself.

Our administrator will monitor your website using Bing webmaster tools to keep track of security issues and make sure traffic is flowing, and the site is properly indexed.

Ask these questions to see if Assistant+ brings value to your business:


Can existing employees do the job?

Do you have any underutilized employees that are technically skilled and have a passion for design? Would it be cost-effective if they lost focus on their primary job role?


Skilled professional vs. unskilled personnel?

Do you necessarily need dedicated web admin or content manager? Paying competitive salary of a highly skilled professional that is not fully utilized is less cost-effective than outsourcing the job. Unskilled personnel needs the attention of other coworkers and training. 


Do you want to hire a new employee?

Is it necessary and cost-effective to hire a new employee, go through the process of selection, training, evaluation and maybe pay an agency for the referral?


Are you OK with paying an agency hourly rates for managing your website?

Local web and media agencies do not usually offer these services at fixed rates, because they serve a vast variety of clients with different systems, hosting and design needs. In Canagon we don’t have this problem, our system was designed from the ground up to eliminate this issue.

We are happy to answer your questions!

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