Image resources like photos, vectors, icons are usually restricted for use under certain license. This blog lists resources that share images for free for commercial and non-commercial purposes without the need for attribution. This kind of license is called Creative Commons CC0 – public domain dedication. 

How much money can free photos save your business?

The industry average is about $10 per image when buying with credits. With monthly subscriptions, you can usually get little more images for your dollars, but you must commit to paying a monthly fee.

You can save thousands if you plan to use images in your brochures, blogs, on social media, catalog or other places. Save money on lawyers. With paid stock images, you need to consult a professional that understands licensing to choose which image license you should buy and what happens to it when you stop paying.

List of resources with free images for personal and commercial use:



Great library of photos of all categories, especially shopping and business.


A lot of pictures with people and real faces.


Photos organized in Gallery by category and sort by the photographer.


Food-related photos.


Photos, vectors, illustrations, sortable by orientation, size, color, transparency, and category.


Free images are mixed with sponsored licensed photos from Paid images contain a watermark, so you will not mix them easily. Tag-based category system and option to sort by trending.


Private collection shared with the online community.


Great collection sortable by category or collections.


Private collection of few photographers, nice quality photos.


Photos organized by category.


Smaller categorized collection of photos.

Is it fair to use free images for commercial purposes?

Creative Commons CC0 license is a community license made for sharing. If you want to give back, it is easy. Make some useful photos and share them with the community on the websites mentioned above. Most of them allow authors to publish under the same licensing conditions.

Recommend and share more free image sites

Share a link in the comment section, please include only sources with unrestrictive licenses CC0 or license for free personal and commercial use. We will update this blog with every good suggestion.

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