G Suite is now Google Workspace

Evolving and renaming

So what is new?

Google wants you to transition from G Suite to Google Workspace.

As an existing G Suite Basic, Business, or Enterprise customer, you will get time and support needed to transition to one of these new offerings. An email to the primary administrator in your domain arriving no later than Friday, October 16. This email will outline the specific impact on your organization and who to contact for more info.

New plans and new names

The name of each plan will change and new plans will be introduced:
Business Starter, Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise, Enterprise Plus, Essentials, Business family, Enterprise family.

Prices may go up for some businesses

Prices will change, customers will be forced/guilted to either Downgrade to get the same price or upgrade to a more expensive plan. For example, if you are on G Suite Basic $6 / month and want to stay there, getting the equivalent plan Business Starter will be done by downgrading. It is not just Google’s psychological sales move, it really is a technical downgrade:

According to Downgrade to Business Starter edition official FAQ:

  • Admin control of Chat features—You can no longer control whether history is on or off. You also can’t let users automatically accept Chat invitations.
  • Advanced endpoint management—You can’t set up company-owned Android devices or selectively distribute apps to Android devices.
  • Sharing with external people—You can no longer stop users from sharing links or files with people outside of your organization.

Icons, brand identity will change

Of course, a new brand identity that reflects Google’s ambitious product vision and the way Google Workspace products work together.

New features

Promise for a more integrated user experience that helps teams collaborate more effectively, frontline workers stay connected, and businesses power new digital customer experiences. More about that in other blog posts.

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  1. Hi,
    I am desperately trying to log in to my YouTube but my google account was suspended for a reason I don’t know.
    I use a Gmail address for my YouTube family subscription and a personal workspace account for my personal emails.
    because my personal (google workspace) account was suspended, I cannot login to YouTube family while using both addresses open in Chrome.
    please help.

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