Yes, you have heard it right! Google has it’s own WordPress plugin. Google Site Kit is a new plugin from Google that promises the best of Google tools for WordPress.

Site Kit is intended to help website owners understand how their website is doing all in one place. This is a timesaver if you have multiple websites, you don’t have to log into Search Console, Analytics, Adsense and run Page Speed tests individually.

Site Kit promises up to date recommendations from Google, sharing key metrics and insights from different Google products with you. You will get to see how your site performs compared to other websites, get tips from PageSpeed on your WP dashboard.

Search Console integration promises explanation on how Google’s systems discover and render your pages. Track how many people saw your site in search results and what search queries they use.

If you use Adsense, you will see stats on how much you are earning in real time.

Analytics integration should show you how users crawl your website and what goals, conversions they completed.

Site kit will open to beta testers in early 2019, you can sign up for the beta here.

The plugin is free and opensource and is planned to remain so, Google is planning to expand the plugin capabilities to other products after the beta testing.

From the individual point of view, it appears to be a timesaver for individual site owners. If you are a digital agency and you are looking for a tool to overview all your clients and their website metrics and insights, there are no promises with Site Kit yet.

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