New WordPress 5 comes with a brand new editor called Gutenberg. Great news for some, but lately we are getting more and more calls and support tickets with “I want my WordPress back!”. As we all love innovation and new functions in WordPress, I perfectly understand our clients, sometimes it is just not worth it if all you want is to enter a simple paragraph, but Gutenberg does not make it easy for customers that want to use attachments and link to media or documents like PDFs.

Classic Editor plugin comes to the rescue

Good news, there is an official fix for this situation, a plugin called Classic Editor, it is maintained by WordPress team and it is going to be supported until 2022, so you can use the old editor four more years without any compatibility issues.

The best thing about this plugin is that you can have both old editor and Gutenberg installed at once, an administrator is able to select the default editor for all the users, in addition, an administrator can allow users to switch between editors. This is perfect if you want to keep up with innovations and use both editors and be able to decide yourself.

Each post opens the editor that was used last, regardless of which user accessed it last, this is very important so content does not get messed up by accidentally opening it with a different editor, especially if you use some builder plugin.

So don’t worry, you can have it all, WordPress 5 with all the security updates, Classic Editor, Guttenberg and happy clients that can train for Guttenberg at their own pace.

Divi users don’t need to install the Classic Editor plugin

If you have Divi theme installed, go to Theme options > Builder > Advanced and enable the  Classic editor from there. You will get classic editor instead of Gutenberg / Block Editor. There is a difference in installing the Classic Editor plugin and one-click Divi solution, the Divi solution does not add new options in WP Admin > Settings > Writing to choose the default editor and allow users to switch editors as they please. 

Divi enable Classic Editor with one button.

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