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Step 1

Add Website+ into the cart.

$499 / year

Only Website+ is required to proceed, you may decide on the domain name and design later or build your own design with drag & drop visual builder. After making your choices, please continue to Checkout.

Step 2
Domain name

Find a domain name for your website and add it to cart. If you already own domain name, ignore this step and proceed to step 3. We will connect it to your new website later.

Step 3
Choose your design

If you choose design during the order, your website will be preloaded with the selected design after the setup. Just replace photos and texts with your own or use the existing images that come with the design. You are free to skip this step and create your own design in visual drag & drop builder or try all of them.

You may skip this step and decide on design later, or choose more than one if you would like to combine. Change your mind any time later at no additional cost. For example, if you’ll find a different design or layout more attractive in the future, you may change to the new design, you are not stuck with one.

Florist (Flower shop)

Cosmetics shop


Architecture firm

Law firm

Construction company

Moving company


Coffee Shop

Fresh Juice Shop

Auto repair


Small business (Construction)

Yoga studio


Learning management (Coding school)

Digital payments

SEO Agency

Software Marketing


SAAS (Software as a service)

Car rental

Car Dealer

Insurance Agency

Digital marketing

Product marketing (App)

Web agency

Food recipes

Tea shop

Farmers market



Travel agency

Travel blog

Photo marketplace


Interior design

Real estate

Carpenter / Art

Pottery studio

Vintage / Antique store


Doctor's office


Job recruiter

Agency & Business


Wedding Planner



Graphic illustrator


IT services

Elementary school

Animal shelter


Life coach

Business consultant

Business coach

Transportation services

Language school

Food catering



Hosting company

Cleaning company

Plant nursery

Makeup artist

Bed and breakfast

Political candidate

Web freelancer

Notary public


Funeral home

Soccer club

Personal trainer

Driving school

Fitness gym

Laundry service

Suit tailor

Digital product

Internet service provider

Painting service

Technology news

Environmental nonprofit

Hardware store

Video game

Furniture store

Physical therapy

Investment company

Personal stylist

App developer

Health clinic

Golf course

Risk management

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