Website as a gift




Looking for an original gift idea?

Buying a website from is an ideal gift idea because domain name and hosting is included in the price and Canagon team will help the gift recipient with the setup and integrations, it is not DIY for the recipient, you will actually save them time and trouble. It is a real gift, not just a gesture.

How does this work?

After purchasing this product, you will receive a printable digital gift certificate with a coupon code for 100% off the Website+ product from Website+ is a product with an annual payment, this certificate will cover one year. The gift recipient will then purchase Website+ and use the given code from the digital certificate during checkout, so there will be no payment required. This certificate is valid 6 months from the purchase date. After one year, the gift recipient is free to decide whether to continue using Website+ service, no strings attached.

Customizing the gift certificate

On the checkout page in order notes, please state custom message and the occasion. You may also send us your own pictures of photos to include to after the purchase, if there are more gift givers, feel free to state all their names, our graphical designer will include all your custom messages in the certificate and will generate PDF/JPEG and e-mail it to you.

Why is a website a perfect gift?

  • If someone close to you has a good business idea, but never seems to act on it, give them a boost by purchasing a website.
  • Someone close to you already has a business but no website.
  • You would like to present someone with a modern and mobile-friendly secure website.

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