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Advertise+ is a service offered by Canagon to save you time and money advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads platforms.

When your business has the solution, make sure you can be found

Advertise like a pro from the beginning. Utilize our experience instead of experimenting and learning by trial and error.

Get your business discovered online

Like any small business, you’ll know better than anyone that finding and keeping new customers is a top priority. That’s where online advertising can help.

Online advertising can help you

  • Be more visible
    Find potential customers as they search and shop online.
  • Drive sales
    Attract more website visitors, create a buzz and grow revenue.
  • Stay in control
    Pay when people click your ad and visit your website.

Promote your business with the help of an experienced ad manager. We can set up a campaign on your behalf with Google Ads and Facebook Ads, set up performance and conversion tracking,  while you will stay in control of the budget.


Why Advertise+ may be a good fit for your business

If your business is looking into online advertising, but you don’t have trained manpower on site, Advertise+ may be just for you. 

Fixed and fair pricing

We do not take a % cut from your advertising budget, you pay for our time and expertise. This way we avoid conflict of interest, we don’t need you to spend more for us to earn more. Pay only a monthly fee and you keep direct financial control over your accounts with Google and Facebook.

Figure out a strategy that works for you

Based on your industry, budget, goals, whether you offer services or goods, locally or globally, we will help you figure out the best bidding strategy, audience, and an advertisement format.

Avoid overpaying

Set the correct bid per click or action, stop showing your ads to an irrelevant audience, don’t advertise in countries/states you don’t ship to, only continue showing the best performing ads, stop showing your ads on platforms where your customer can’t interact with your offer, …


Configuration for success

Choose correct bidding strategy, target countries, devices, demographics targeting such as gender, geolocation, family income, or target on small business owners, hobbies, professions and much more, narrowing your audience gives you a better match but higher prices per click. 

Minimize your mistakes

New advertisers make rookie mistakes with platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads. You will be offered too many options, some tempting and too good to be true. Few wrong settings, not changing the defaults and your ads will send you hundreds of irrelevant visitors you will have to pay for.

Track performance like a pro

Save time and money, set up your campaign properly. Connecting Google Ads, Facebook Ads with Google Analytics tool will help you see your ads perform almost real-time and assess ad performance. Naming your campaigns and ad groups properly will save you time analyzing what is performing well and what is your return on investment.

What can we do for you and how it works

We try to keep Advertise+ a realistic service, our first goal is to determine if we are a real value to your business and how can we help.

Next, you will be presented with a questionnaire that will help us understand your objectives, what business are you in, who are you trying to target and what are your expected goals from a successful campaign, what is your budget. 

You will be presented with a strategy and quote. If you like our offer, we are ready to go.

Figuring out the strategy

When you are presented with a strategy, this is what you should expect depending on the information you provide us about your target client profile/persona, the budget, the time frame for the campaign, and your business’s industry specifics.

Add format/type​

We will help you determine correct add format/type; manual vs. automatic, pay per impression, click, landing page visit, lead generation, page likes, and more … depending on your objective and platform.

Cost per click

Determine what is the correct price for click or bid cap and why.


Who is your target audience based on your client’s profile? Depending on the platform; Google Ads vs Facebook Ads, we can target specific visitors by location, interests, gender, and age, what they search for, or whether they visited your page in the past, liked your Facebook profile and much more.

Device type

If you sell a mobile app, you will prefer targeting mobile phone users over desktop users, but sometimes mobile users are irrelevant to your business, maybe some ad groups can be optimized for mobile users on the go and some ad groups for users sitting at home or in the office using a desktop.


Where to place your advertisements? Facebook, Google or both? Target ads on Google search queries or use the display ads network. Place ads on the Facebook newsfeed, instant articles, right column, Instagram feed, audience networks, messenger?

The process and setup

Google Ads and Facebook Ads managing applications are robust marketing platforms that allow advertisers to delegate specific roles to multiple user accounts.

Simply put, when you decide to work with us, all you need to do is share your ad account with our ad managers. You will keep your billing relationship with Google and Facebook private.

After you share your ad account with Canagon advertising team, we will set up your Campaign / Ad Groups / Ads according to the strategy we agreed upon. 

You can start/pause/resume the campaign as you like, you can make your own changes, we do not enforce any exclusivity, it is your money, your business, your campaign.

Depending on campaign type, objective, and strategy, you will receive periodical reports on how campaigns are performing and our recommendations for changes. If you decide you agree with the proposed changes, we will make the changes and let you know when it’s done.

You will always have a final word about the changes to your campaign. 


Analytics and performance tracking

To accurately track your campaigns, we will connect Google Analytics to Google Ads and set up Facebook Ads to report to Google Analytics, install Facebook Pixel analytics tool if necessary. Google Analytics will track your advertisement per Campaign, Ad Group, and per individual Ad in the group, so we can evaluate the performance individually per unit and remove underperforming Ad units from your campaign.

Installing Facebook Pixel will help you use cost-effective pay per landing page view option and also enable analytics directly inside the Facebook Ads Manager.

What about the budget?

Your campaign budget is entirely up to you. We don’t have a minimal budget requirement. Whether you are a start-up or a fully fledged company, we can offer regular monthly assistance with your online ads management or help get you started with a one-time setup fee. We avoid pricing metrics like per keyword, per campaign, per ad group, because it is just wrong and does not correspond to the real work done, on the contrary, it forces you to make compromises.

Low on the budget?

If you are on a very low budget or not willing to pay a monthly fee, contact us with more information, surely we can figure something out. You can always learn what we do and manage online advertising on your own. There are great guides directly from the Google Ads platform and Facebook Ads platform, thousands of Youtube videos, millions of blog articles that can help you get started.

Here are some tips if you decide to go your own way

It is easy to bring thousands of visitors to your page in a very short time, but are these visitors relevant to your business? You are paying the bill after all. For example, if you choose English speaking audiences with Google Ads, but forget to exclude countries, you may end up with several hundreds of clicks from India, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago and other countries where English is spoken but they are not your audience, because you don’t ship there.

Some businesses want to target the audience by age, gender, household income, education, interests, relationship status ( recently moved, having a birthday, new job, etc. ). The more you narrow your audience, the higher the cost per click.

Local business can advertise in certain urban areas, spontaneous purchases are dependent on opening hours and timezone, make sure your ads are running when it counts.

Consider the target device; in some specific cases, you don’t want your Ads to show everywhere. Can you purchase a mobile app from the desktop? Does your landing page convert from a mobile phone?

A significant opportunity to save money is in excluding, here are some examples: Exclude geographical places that you have no interests or where you are not allowed to sell legally. Stop showing ads to minors. Exclude visitors based on their income. Exclude visitors with default browser language set to a specific value.

How to order the Advertise+ service?

Contact us at hello@canagon.com to discuss your online advertising needs.

We are happy to answer your questions!

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