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Get more done, focus on your core business

Save your time and money, delegate both regular and irregular website related tasks to your Canagon assistant, concentrate your valuable time on your business essentials. Assistant+ is here to assist you with managing and editing website content.


What we do for you

Managing your website will sometimes require adequate computer skills. On the other hand, regular simple tasks may seem to be easily done but will occupy your valuable time that you can rather spend doing what you love or with people you love. Don’t waste time learning skills you only use on occasion. Get our skilled professionals to assist you with regular website content changes and maintenance.


Edit content of the website or online store

Send us new content to be published or instructions to edit existing content and we will do it on your behalf. Get a set of remote hands with Canagon Assistant+.

Edit & manage images

Cut, crop, convert and optimize images for best looks, speed, and performance.

Edit & manage video and audio

Convert audio or video files to a web-friendly format that will work with all major browsers. Reduce the size of media files, remove audio track from the video, change video codec.

Schedule tasks

Whether you are on business trip, vacation or sick leave, we can arrange to change/add/remove your web content or edit product in an online store at a certain time.


Convert & manage documents

Convert formats or optimize documents before publishing. Create a widely accepted PDF from other documents, convert ODF to DOCX, whatever the task is, your assistant will deal with it.

Mobile-friendly check

Every time we make changes to your web content, we make sure it displays correctly on all types of devices.

Design and style check

Add or edit content in a way to match the overall website design and style.


Grammar check

Check all texts with Grammarly to make sure there are no typos or misspellings. Spelling mistakes may hurt your SEO and discourage some customers from buying.

SEO check

Changes to your content are done with best SEO practices in mind. SEO is optimizing a website for search engines like Google or Bing in order to get better search indexing results.

Choose the right website module

The visual builder has over 30 design modules (building elements) used to create website content. Modules like gallery, slider, blurb, pricing table, accordion, … each serve best its purpose. Let us help you choose the best module for your content.

Why choose Assistant+

Save money

Hiring and training employees for routine and unprofitable tasks is expensive and inefficient. With Assistant+ you will get access to highly trained content manager for a fraction of the full-time sallary.

Become more efficient

Our skilled support team is trained to work with web content. Editing content from dawn to dusk makes us extremely efficient in what we do. Get time expensive jobs done fast, don’t buy software licenses just to be able to convert video or optimize image once in a while.

We are happy to answer your questions!

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