Divi Hosting

Fast, simple and secure

Hosting customized for the Divi theme and WordPress. Focused on security and performance, fast reliable servers with SSD drives, antivirus, anti-DDoS, password attack protection, and other professional features.

Divi hosting and what we do for you

Hosting parameters are set up for best performance with the Divi theme and WordPress. 100% dedicated to Divi requirements, security, speed, maintenance, database optimization, and backups.

Our dedication and enthusiasm for Divi will help your site perform faster with servers set up tailor-made for Divi and WordPress.

Hosting features highlights

The primary focus is on speed and security. We continuously improve caching presets to improve speed, minimize page load time.

All servers have high-speed connectivity, SSD drives for better I/O, enough resources like RAM, CPU, and comply or exceed the recommended environment set up by ET, this includes the latest PHP version, memory_limit set to 1G, double the recommended size, post_max_size 128M, max_execution_time 180s, upload_max_filesize 100M, max_input_time 180s, max_input_vars 3000.

Resources dedicated to your website will avoid bottlenecks in traffic peeks. Our setup includes free SSL certificate, Nginx proxy with Apache, latest stable PHP 7.x FPM with HTTP2/GZIP support for faster loading time, default upload size 100M, WordPress protection from password guessing, periodical antivirus checks, and automatic backups.