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New to G Suite?

Please visit the About G Suite page for more information about what is G Suite, applications, use cases. For information on teamwork and collaboration, see Home office with Google Cloud.

Yes. If you transfer your G Suite to Canagon, we will be issuing the invoices instead of Google, and we can invoice to any country.

We sell G Suite for the same price as Google

How do we make money?

As a reseller, we get a small percentage discount on resold clients. You can optionally outsource an administrator with our monthly support plans. We help customers with complicated migrations to G Suite for a one-time fee.

You will receive a bill at the end of the month. If it is your first invoice for the first month, you will only get billed for the number of days G Suite was active.

If you are an EU resident or your company is registered in the EU, VAT rules apply.

Our company is registered for VAT in Ireland.

If your business is VAT registered in the EU outside Ireland, VAT charged will be 0.

If your business is registered in Ireland, 23% VAT applies.

If you are an individual or EU business not registered for VAT, VAT of the country of your residence is applied according to VAT MOSS rules.

With a reseller, you get more options:

Monthly support plans

Trained and certified administrators will take care of your G Suite for a fraction of an equally qualified employee's salary.

One time technical support

Get support with integration, deployment, and migration to G Suite by a trained and certified administrator.

G Suite works for companies of all sizes