Booking system and appointments

Allow customers to create booking or appointment from your website.

The booking system handles the booking of several people at one time interval, but also one by one bookings according to employees or rooms.

Features supported by the booking system

We will help you set up the booking system, make ensure the e-mail and SMS notifications are working. We will also help with synchronization with your Google calendar,  integration with Google maps for specific locations, setting up working days and days off.

E-mail notifications

Confirmations, cancellations, rescheduling of the bookings, remind the customer the day before or get in touch the day after the reservation.

Sync with Google Calendar

After connecting with Google Calendar, your site can communicate with the calendar, e.g. on your phone and sync reservations.

SMS notifications

Send selected notifications via SMS. You can choose exactly which ones are sent by SMS, which by e-mail or both.

Google maps integration

A map will be displayed next to the location or employee to make it easier for the customer to find the place to book.

Accept credit cards

In addition to on-site payment, the system supports payments by credit card.

How does the booking system work?

The customer creates booking on the bookings / appointments page. Immediately after a confirmation e-mail or SMS is sent. You can adjust what exactly the customer will receive by e-mail directly in the admin system. You can also allow the customer to cancel the reservation via e-mail.

Two main ways to use the reservation system:

1. Service / Location / Employee

Suitable for services such as a doctor’s office, hairdresser, consultations. According to the date, the customer chooses a free time interval from your calendar and orders.

2. Several customers at the same time

Suitable for wellness, fitness, courses, events, cinemas,… Several customers, in the number you choose, can be ordered for the same date.