SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Improve your position on Google, increase website traffic

Get set for success with our proven process of creating websites and setting up website hosting the proper way with respect to search engines.

We can help you grow on Google

Without knowledge of SEO and programming, you will be able to customize what a page will look like on Google.

It is free for our customers

Everything you read here is done for our customers included in the price of creating a website.

Monitoring and updating automatically

We monitor your site for possible SEO problems, XML sitemap for Google and Bing is generated automatically every time you update your content.

Preview search results

When you add a new page, you'll see a graphical preview of how your page will appear on Google.

Advanced monitoring

We'll add your website to Google and the Bing Search Console and set up notifications so we know immediately if something is wrong.

Anti-virus protection

Your site is regularly checked with antivirus to prevent Google from penalizing your website if you or your users accidentally upload malware.

Fast page load speed

Since 2016, the majority of searches on Google were from mobile devices. In 2010, Google issued a guideline for webmasters, explaining that faster websites will be preferred.

Easily block individual pages from search engines

Block any single on your page from search engines with one simple click without affecting other pages.

Products will be correctly classified

Products in the online store have automatically generated structured data snippets for better classification in Google search.