Yoast SEO breadcrumbs shortcode with DIVI and WordPress

Divi theme is not equipped with the breadcrumbs module, but you can use the popular YastSEO built-in functionality to enable breadcrumbs on your Divi website. Only two steps are required to start using breadcrumbs.

Enable breadcrumbs in the Yoast SEO

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard, click on SEO > Search Appearance > Enable breadcrumbs in the Breadcrumbs tab.

Insert into a page with the Divi Code module

Choose a place, where you want your breadcrumbs to appear on your website and insert a Code module that is built in every Divi installation.

To display the actual breadcrumbs using the Code module insert the following shortcode:


You can insert the shortcode directly into the text module too, it works with both text and code modules. Divi is not rendering the breadcrumb well in Visual Builder’sĀ  Frontend Editor mode, but once you save the page and hit Exit Visual Builder, it will render correctly. This is a bug known for years now.

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  1. Hey !! Thats what I was looking for !
    Thank tyou for this solution which is really simple and efficient ! i don’t know why i can’t find it anywhereelse….

    I do have a question about styling the css, do you know the classes?
    I can change the css for the last part of the breadcrumb (.breadcrumb_last) but can’t for the links…
    if ou have an idea šŸ™‚

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