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Customized billing

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  1. You need to be signed in with your Google Workspace account.
  2. Go to Retrieve Transfer Token page.
  3. Under Enter Reseller’s Public Identifier, enter our public identifier: C02k6n9rq
  4. Click Confirm Reseller Identifier.
  5. Generate Transfer Token.
  6. Send us the transfer token to and let us know to start the transfer.

This is how the expected screen looks like:

Yes. If you transfer your Google Workspace to Canagon, we will be issuing the invoices instead of Google, and we can invoice to any country.

We sell Google Workspace for the same price as Google

How do we earn money?

As a reseller, we get a small percentage discount on transferred clients. You can optionally outsource an administrator with our monthly support plans. We help customers with complicated migrations to Google Workspace for a one-time fee.

If your transfer is complete any day other than the first of the month, you receive 2 bills for that month:

  • One from us the reseller, for the dates starting when your transfer was complete.
  • One from Google, for the dates before the transfer.


You will not pay anything extra, both invoices will be prorated to a specific number of days of the month.

After that, you only receive one bill from us, the reseller.

If you are an EU resident or your company is registered in the EU, VAT rules apply.

Our company is registered for VAT in Ireland.

If your business is VAT registered in the EU outside Ireland, VAT charged will be 0.

If your business is registered in Ireland, 23% VAT applies.

If you are an individual or EU business not registered for VAT, VAT of the country of your residence is applied according to VAT MOSS rules.

Nothing technical. The most significant change is that all the invoices will be from us, not Google.

All services will continue working uninterrupted because the transfer to the reseller does not affect any technical settings on your domain.

All Google Workspace services apart from support and billing are services provided by Google. We are a certified Google Cloud reseller for Google Workspace with public identifier C02k6n9rq. When we resell the Google Workspace license to the customer, we are taking over the billing part only.

Support is available both from Google and us.

Various terms and conditions ( stay intact, and the customer remains in contract with Google. This includes worldwide personal privacy policies enforced by some countries.

Transfer does not affect user privileges at all. Your Super-administrators, Administrators, and all other user roles stay intact.