Sending bulk emails and Newsletters

Do you need to send several thousand e-mails at once without your e-mails getting spam or blocked by your internet provider?


Do you collect e-mails from your customers?

Announcements, Feedback, Forms, Documents

Do you often send documents, requests, notifications via e-mail in bulk?

Automated Emails and Autoresponders

Do you need a particular email to be sent on a specific date, such as 14 days from your order, birthday, and so on?

Online interface​

After logging in with your username and password, you can create lists and email campaigns. Campaigns can be automated and scheduled for a specific date and time in the future.


Get statistics on how many people opened your emails, how many clicked on which link in the email, and whether the email was delivered, bounced, or marked as spam. The system supports the integration of UTM codes for Google Analytics.

Obtaining consent

Support for "Double opt-in", where the client must confirm the existence of his e-mail box by clicking on the verification link ensures that you comply with privacy legal frameworks such as CCPA or GDPR.

Opting out made easy

To ensure the legal operation of the Newsletter, you must allow the recipient to unsubscribe from the subscription without undue obstacles. It is simple and automated in our system.

Autoresponders for funnels

Send pre-prepared e-mail templates based on date records such as date of birth, or for example 14 days after subscribing to a newsletter.

Anti spam measures

We will set up DKIM, SPF, and CNAME records on your domain so that the service technically meets anti-spam measures.

Yes, you can programmatically subscribe and unsubscribe users using a very simple but powerful API interface.

If you have an older list of e-mails, it is necessary to perform the so-called whitelisting – cleaning the list. For a small fee, we will help you put your list in order with a reputable service.

Yes, every case is individual.


You can send approximately 100 e-mails per second. So 100 000 e-mails will be sent in about 15 minutes.

Using of old lists

If you have a large list of subscribers, it is considered a best practice to send the Newsletters regularly and enforce double opt-in so you keep low bounce rate. Once your bounce rate hits higher ratio, we will have to temporarily suspend your subscription so we protect our anti-spam reputation.

Yes, we have a demo version of the web interface. Contact us for demo username and password. 

We use Amazon AWS SES, SNS service as a back end infrastructure. The interface visible to the customer is Sendy newsletter app. 

Our system is much cheaper, simpler, easier to operate. You can send 100 000 e-mails for $10. Simple interface offers seamless experience without advertising, up sells and limitations. 

Other Newsletter providers offer more sophisticated and complex solutions. It is much easier to create a fancy graphical Newsletter in Mailchimp but if you need to send few thousand normal e-mails, why pay the premium price.

Yes. With a proper setup, you can use your company e-mail and any other Newsletter solution together with our system without any interference.