Canagon is an online web agency. We design, redesign, host, support, and maintain websites. Apart from websites and hosting, we offer professional e-mail solutions and assistance with website content and advertising.

Our story

The original idea behind Canagon was to create an easy to understand web services from domains, mailboxes to beautiful websites with hosting.

Surely there must be a better way to name, price and explain services, than a lot of unnecessary technical expression piled up with overpromises.

Over the past few years, we have been talking to our customers and listening to their stories. We have found that most small businesses face similar challenges when it comes to websites.

Challenges like the price of the website, keeping the content updated, keeping the website technology up to date and modern, avoid overspending with online advertising and have a “website guy” to rely on when you need to.

We want to be your “website guy”. We have developed processes that keep our costs down and enable our customers to access otherwise unattainable services. We use our knowledge to enable more and more businesses to own a successful website without wasting money around.

Our core value is to put our customers first, focus on what our users have to say. Our customers are now writing our story, we listen, help and innovate.

managing partner

Problems we solve

Assistance when needed

We care about our customers after they purchase a website. With the help of our developers and tech gurus, we can help our customers with the integration of additional services.

Costs of the services, know what you pay for

We believe in transparent fixed prices. The budget should never be an obstacle when it comes to website design and functionality. Instead of convincing you to pay more, we decided to offer more unified functionality, grow our feature list while standardizing the process and price.

No more outdated websites

An outdated website reflects poorly on the business reputation. Embedded maps showing errors, dead links, unsupported flash animations, unsecured sites, that is what we fix for you. You don’t have to request a quote or negotiate a fix with an external developer.

We understand you and your technology

We decided to make a choice and try to pick the best tools on the market. This way we host, fix, support, update, upgrade and maintain only the tools we specialize in and work with every day. All the technologies were handpicked by our senior developers, based on their average 10+ years of experience in the website industry.

We stay loyal to the objective

Canagon is here to help businesses create websites that bring new customers, make money, require little or no maintenance from you, and at the same time look good on all devices!

We speak both plain and developer English

If you are not a technical person, you will be able to accomplish the same results with Website+ as a long time pro; we will make sure of it.

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