Welcome to Canagon

We’ll help you design or redesign, host, support, and maintain your website. From buying a domain name, getting a professional e-mail address to helping you advertise your shiny website on Google and Facebook Ads.

Problems we solve

Assistance when needed

We care about you even after we are done with your website a website. You can get help from our developers and tech gurus with customizations and integrations of additional services, plugins, tracking codes…

Costs of the services, know what you pay for

We believe in fixed transparent prices. The budget should never be an obstacle when it comes to website design and functionality. Instead of convincing you to pay more, we decided to offer more unified functionality, grow our feature list while standardizing the process and price.

No more outdated websites

An outdated website reflects poorly on the business reputation. Embedded maps showing errors, dead links, unsupported flash animations, unsecured sites, that is when we come in handy.

We understand you and your technology

We decided to make a choice and to pick the best tools on the market. This way we host, fix, support, update, upgrade and maintain only the tools we specialize in and work with every day. All the technologies were handpicked by our senior developers, based on their average 10+ years of experience in the website industry.

We stay loyal to the objective

Canagon is here to help businesses create websites that bring new customers, make money, require little or no maintenance from you, and at the same time look good on all devices!

We speak both plain and developer English

If you are not a technical person, you will be able to accomplish the same results with Website+ as a long time pro; we will make sure of it.


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