Website hosting

Fast and secure website on powerful servers.

Not just a quality of the website, but page load speed is important too.

Evidence shows that page speed affects your position in Google. In addition, up to 60% of impatient visitors leave a slow website or e-shop.

Powered with SSD / NVMe drive

All our servers are equipped with powerful enterprise grade SSD or NVMe drives. No more slow hard drives.

Automatic WordPress updates

Your site will always be secured with the latest updates, your WordPress will always be in the latest version.

Dedicated RAM

Get allocated dedicated RAM, loading the website and working with the website will be comfortable and agile.

Security and DDoS protection

Automatic anti-virus scans, automatic protection against password attacks. The server is protected against DDoS attacks at the hardware and software level.

Free SSL certificate

Each client gets a free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate.

Unlimited download

Data is cheap, there is no need for limitations unless you operate online TV or download hub.

Transfer to and from us without downtime

Our technicians will help you move your website to our server without any or minimal downtime.

Worldwide hosting

Deploy your website closer to your clients. We have servers in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and Singapore. Contact us for more information.

Content Delivery Network (CDN )

If you have clients worldwide, we can turn on CDN so that your files are loaded on your client's browser from the server nearby.

Free Anycast DNS

Take advantage of our own Anycast DNS servers, so your website will respond faster and with lover latency.